Induction courses for new interns.


The 10 week cross cultural and organisational induction course is an online pre-arrival course for new EduCARE India interns.  Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of the organisation, its philosophy, goals and structure.  The course material explores various facets of Indian culture including etiquette, cultural understanding and culture shock.  Ethics and workplace professionalism within the organisational context will also be covered.

Feel free to complete this course at your own pace, if possible before your arrival at EduCARE India.  The topics in this course will make your transition into Indian culture and our organisation much more smooth for you.  If you don't get time to complete the course before your arrival, there will be some allocated time in your initial 2 week induction period for you to complete it then.


▪   Week 1: EduCARE India organisation

      Philosophy and approach

▪   Week 2: Meet the EduCARE team, organisational chart

▪   Week 3: Creating goals for your internship - objective selfishness

▪   Week 4: Indian culture and history

▪   Week 5: Cross cultural understanding and the Volunteer

▪   Week 6: Cultural Adjustment, Culture Shock and Ethnocentrism

▪   Week 7: Slower Pace and Elastic Time

▪   Week 8: The Importance of Social Etiquette

▪   Week 9: Workplace professionalism and the code of conduct

▪   Week 10: Project Management

▪   Week 11: Time Management