Courses related to organisational behavior, human resources, finances, project management, critical thinking strategies, decision making and NGO management.

Being a project coordinator involves a lot of responsibilities but also rewards you with plenty of skills. A project coordinator is mainly managing the team of his/her project or his/her program/field. A project coordinator is a team leader by orienting, training, assigning, scheduling and coaching team members. Being a project coordinator also requires to solve issues related to projects, to be reliable and to keep tracking activities. It also involves human resources and communication responsibilities by promoting the project/program and meeting human resources needs. The project coordinator job role has to be considered as a whole in an integrated way and how different components and assignments link to each other.

Topics include:

This course has been developed as a learning tool for Coordinators and Fellows who are interested in understanding the steps of operating a non-government organisation (NGO). This course takes the learner through the various steps that are critical to the management of an NGO, including human resource management, financial management, as well as project monitoring systems. The course content provides the learner with a thorough understanding of the theory and application of NGO Management through weekly course content and practical assignments.


Unit 1: Introduction to NGO Management

Unit 2: NGO concepts and functions

Unit 3: Role of NGOs in Civil Society

Unit 4: Human Resources Management

Unit 5: Financial Planning and Management

Unit 6: Project Management

Unit 7: Governance and leadership

Unit 8: Strategy and planning for NGOs

Unit 9: Social Marketing

Unit 10: Management System Support

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