The Certificate in Cultural Competency is designed for those who wish to or are participating in an international cross-cultural work settings. Participants gain a comprehensive understanding about cultural competency and cultural awareness in the international setting. The course material explores language barriers, how to work with translators, cultural differences and cultural understanding, trust, and ethics and professionalism while working in an international setting.

Course objectives

·      To journey into the world of multiculturalism

·      To comprehend the global aspect of interculturalism

·      To understand different cultures in the global environment

·      To comprehend the challenges & opportunities of intercultural volunteering

·      To interact positively with people of unique values and backgrounds

·      To learn tips for adaption in an intercultural environment

·      To improve interactivity in a cross-cultural environment

·      To understand religious beliefs and practices that shape behavior


  • Week 1: Cross cultural understanding and the Volunteer
  • Week 2: Overview of Cultural Adjustment and Culture Shock
  • Week 3: Coping With Culture Shock and Emotional Feelings
  • Week 4: Ethnocentrism
  • Week 5: Slower Pace and Elastic Time
  • Week 6: Language Barriers and Working With Translators
  • Week 7: Cultural Differences and Cultural Understanding
  • Week 8: The Importance of Social Etiquette
  • Week 9: Cultural Beliefs About Service
  • Week 10: Trust and Cultural Humility
  • Week 11: Reverse Culture Shock